Discover why the Geographic Institut of Bogotá, Columbia chooses Neschen products

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The Geographic Institut Agustín Codazzi in Bogotá is responsible for producing the official maps and basic cartography of Colombia, as well as managing the national cadastral infrastructure and the national soil survey.

The institute is also charged with advancing geographic investigations for the development of the country and educating and training professionals in the geographic information technologies.

To protect the books, maps and documents of their daily work, the Geographic Institute incorporates Neschen‘s book protection and repair products. Filmoplast p, for example, is utilised to repair tears in maps. With ist ageing-resistant, non-yellowing properties, this Neschen’s product is a top-quality choice for this purpose. For lamination the Geographic Institut Agustín Codazzi uses Filmomatt.
Its best features for this type of application: It can be folded and written on with lead pencils, wax crayons, colour pens and felt pens. Filmomatt’s particularly soft and non-reflective features make it an ideal choice for map protection.