Print’n’walk concert decoration with a special message

DR julekoncert gulvprint print-¦n-¦walk VINK Plast (14).JPG
DR julekoncert gulvprint print-¦n-¦walk VINK Plast (17).JPG
DR PigeKorets Jul - pressebilleder fra koncerten 161218 - fotos af Kim Matthai Leland 07.jpg
DR julekoncert gulvprint print-¦n-¦walk VINK Plast (4).JPG

Even though spring is just around the corner, we received a unique use case of UV dot print ‘n‘ walk, used as a Christmas decoration with a special cause.

During the Danish Girls‘ Choir Christmas concert, which was broadcasted live on Danish national television, Neschen’s UV dot print ‘n’ walk had a special cameo. The Danish National Girls‘ Choir was established in 1938 as part of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Every year, they present a live concert.

The stage for this year’s Christmas concert was decorated with a special design, incorporating print ‘n’ walk. For this application, the Danish print house XL print decided to leave the film unprinted. The reason: The white graphic was supposed to draw attention to climate change.
The pattern, white areas with large empty spots, was used to depict a lack of snow caused by global warming.

Stories like this are a great example of creative uses of the print ‘n‘ walk range. With its fast and easy application and removal, this Neschen product was an ideal choice.