Cinema printed interiors in Gödöllö town by Life Print Kft

cinema at godollo_01.jpg
cinema at godollo_02.jpg
cinema at godollo_03.jpg

In the old monumental building at Gödöllö, small town near Budapest, Hungary, there was a need to decorate the cinema interiors. The designer’s plan was to combine art deco style with the modern cinema look and also to present archival pictures of the cinema and pictures from the local history. The monument office kept an eye on that re design process as well, as it is more than 200 years old facility. Mr. Ferenc Pencsikoff with his company Life Print Kft. decided to use the Neschen UVprint wallpaper 170 in the combination with the HP latex printing technology. The reason was simple: it is very easy to apply PVC-free substrate, reliable wallcovering material, and, last but not least, the most matt printable wallpaper. And the no-reflection appearance was the key request from the end-customer.

By the way, another brilliant case realized with UVprint wallpaper 170 is the „Pankrac House“, a new office biulding in Prague. Very easy in application, very impressiv result!