Neschen solvoprint easy dot® clear in action at Aalborg Airport, Denmark

From time to time we are very happy to receive nice pictures of a Neschen product “in action”. And our newsletter is the perfect tool to share these pictures and application tips with wide group of Neschen distributors. As we want to inspire you and help everybody to understand the key benefits of the Neschen easy to apply – easy to remove product philosophy.

These pictures came from our partner in Denmark, company Vink ApS by courtesy of Krogh Andersen, Skilte & Reklame, Hjørring.
What you see is a typical use of the Neschen easy dot® clear. Large area at the Aalborg Airport, just above the check-in counters, wrapped with campaigns for travel agencies. As you can see, the motiv has been changed several times, sometimes even plotter cut to add a “3D” feel of the graphic. The easy dot® clear delivers here a perfect match bright colors / traveler’s privacy.Advantage of such an application is the extremely easy application even in the larger formats. Professional signmaker can really benefit out of that, as the time and waste savings are really noticeable.

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