3D Online Application Worlds

To show all our products and services as they are actually used by customers in everyday life, we have adopted a new communications approach with our virtual 3D worlds. The worlds “Printed Interior Design”, “POS”, “Biblioseum”, “Outdoor” and “Expo booth” demonstrate clearly and realistically the various possible applications, impressions and visual effects that can be achieved with our print media and protective films. The aim of this presentation is to inspire and inform printers, advertising technicians and creatives using a realistic impression of a working environment. Pop-up windows next to the pictures give detailed descriptions of the product features shown in each case. Try yourself and download the worlds here. We would highly appreciate if you used the virtual worlds for your own communication. Ask Katharina Schulz, k.schulz@neschen.de, at Neschen Marketing if you would like to individualise the worlds in some way.

Download: Printed Interior Design
Download: POS 

Download: Biblioseum 
Download: Outdoor
Download: Expo booth